Client Experiences


Anatomy of habit workshop

Blake’s workshops are so interactive, it was such a great reminder that I am not the only one that struggles internally. She created a safe circle for us to lovingly dissect our behavior and shed light on why. - Corey

Leading a discussion, creating a safe space, having structure to follow and something to take away. I liked how specific the handout was. I loved the quotes throughout and Blake’s unique take on how to approach our complex habits - radical honesty! - Madeline

I loved the examples, they spoke to my experiences and reminded me that I am not alone. - Drey

She is really good at letting the group think when it needs some silence, and asking the right questions to get us sharing. - Jonathan

Blake is so sincere in her openness, I never felt any judgement. She approaches wellness with curiosity and experience. - Danie

I love how Blake walked through such powerful and specific examples of applying her content to our lives. - Gabrielle

Blake is so knowledgable about the topic, breaking down what is causing my habits and how to take control over the behavior. - Jimmie

The visualizations we did were so powerful! I never thought of habits as the pursuit of needs until it I was able to calmly sit and see that in my life. - Jess

Her calm demeanor makes her able to really hear us in the group. It is obvious she knows the material and is able to support questions without telling people what to do. - Brad

Routines and Rituals for After-5 Energy workshop

The simple framework! The pillars made so much sense and are easy to start from and focus around. - Erin

This is the first workshops of many I have attended where everyone spoke up multiple times and that was incredibly powerful. - Amy

Blake’s framework around energy drains and energizers was so helpful! There was much in my life that became clear after seeing it in that simple light. - Eric

She encouraged and guided us in ways to listen to our intuition. I appreciate that she was offering her great insight but not telling us what we should do with it - that’s our work and needs to come from ourselves. - Kai

I love the combination of quiet reflection, small group and group discussion, and visualizations. Everyone got involved, that felt so good. - Brynn

Blake’s workshops are all about action and real life.
Can’t beat that. - Zach

While Blake is so calm and loving, she challenged us to think critically about what we love and how we actually can make more time and energy for it. She gave ideas but also a framework for us to explore and understand on our own. - Jess

She is awesome! So many ah-ha moments. I never thought about self-compassion including some tough love but I needed to hear that. - Jeanette



Intuitive eating workshop

Blake was so skillful at answering our questions and allowing each of us to be heard and supported in the group. - Cyndi

Blake is so great at facilitating a discussion. Her handouts were thought provoking and well organized. - Carolina

It is so powerful to be reminded that I am not alone. I loved Blake’s expertise and willingness to share her own experiences. - Christy

I learned so much from this workshop! - Denise

Goal achievement workshop

I loved the visualization! She provided a really effective structure for understanding these concepts. - Katie

I felt so comfortable in the group, she is so insightful! - Ann

I loved the systematic breakdown of these concepts and how she still left space for people to share their personal experiences. I learned so much! - Jon

Blake is a great example of wellness. She is positive and supportive of our experiences while staying on course. - Kim